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Recycling is important for many reasons and it is also very easy to do. Keeping trash such as plastic and paper or toxic materials such as those found in electronics and computers out of landfills and our oceans will help future generations. Recycling centers for common items such as aluminum can, glass bottles, plastic bottles, scrap metal, and cardboard can be found in nearly every city. Many recycling centers are also now accepting electronic devices such as computers, TV’s, printers, cell phones, batteries and more. Certain items such as refrigerators, chemicals, tires, paint, oil, and other hazardous materials are only accepted by certain recycling facilities.

Getting Paid Cash

In addition to metal, glass, and plastic, many recycling facilities will pay you money for your old electronics, computers, car batteries and more. Circuit boards in computers contain precious metals such as gold, copper, and silver, but they also contain toxic materials such as lead and mercury. Due to the presence of these toxins it is best to take your e-waste to a certified recycling center and do not attempt to extract the precious metals on your own to avoid any risks to your health.

Find Recycling Nearby

Locating a responsible recycle center nearby that can properly dispose of your items and pay you is not difficult. Use our directory to find a location in your city or near you. You can search by the name of the recycle center or browse using the drop down city list.